Sophia Rose’s video collage of Alicia’s books and art, with Alicia’s song 1966

Sophia Rose, very creative herbalist, writer, photographer, designer, life artist, and my good friend, assembled this video collage of art from my books and photographs of me and my communal friends in the early 1970s in Northern California, to a fragment of my autobiographical jazz waltz, 1966.  You can savor Sophia Rose’s divine herbal and artistic offerings at La Abeja Herbs.

In Which I am Interviewed on the Radio by the Author of Spaced Out

Listen here for a wide-ranging 38-minute radio interview with me by Alastair Gordon, author of Spaced Out: Radical Environments of the Psychedelic ‘60s (2008, Rizzoli), in which he featured illustrations from my books Living on the Earth and Being of the Sun, which I co-wrote with Ramon Sender. Alastair Gordon also interviewed Ramon Sender for this radio series, which was part of Art Basel Miami Beach 2008; you can listen to his interview on the same page. You can pick up a copy of Alastair’s wonderful book here.

Buy An Original Drawing from Living on the Earth

The original drawings and layouts of Living on the Earth are still for sale! Kurkku has had two successful gallery shows in Tokyo in 2008, one at its own Jingumae Lab in Harajyuku, and one at Mirai Garou in Roppongi Hills. Another show is in the works for 2009. There are 178 framed pieces all together, and only 30 to 40 pieces can be displayed at one time in a gallery.

Click here for Kurkku’s online store where they are making the pieces available outside of a gallery show.

The images are gorgeously ensconced in handmade driftwood frames. Half of the proceeds from the sales benefit Artist Power Bank, a Tokyo not-for-profit using art and music to teach environmentally conscious living principles, and which is the parent organization of Kurkku.

Kurkku does not ship internationally, so, if you are interested in buying a piece and you are not in Japan, you will need an agent to come to Kurkku’s office in Haragyuku, Tokyo, pay for the piece in yen, and ship it to you. Please contact me via the Feedback button on this site, and I will ask the staff at Kurkku to find a buying and shipping agent who can help you.