The woman that translated Living on the Earth into French

Virginie Gettle in her kitchen. Such a lovely smile!
And her old wooden hutch with so many beautiful ceramic plates. This woman has so much style!

I love seeing the face of this wonderful woman with whom I exchanged emails for months last year!
I love the facade of her house! And the door! And the wooden shutters! Vive la France!

This is Virginie Gettle, who translated Living on the Earth into French last year. Vivre sur la Terre will be released in October.

I recently sent Virginie as a gift the apron I designed from the herb and spice page of Living on the Earth, with her French translation. She is posing in it in her kitchen and just outside the kitchen door of her house.

I am so thrilled to receive these photos.

If you would like one of these aprons, the order page is here.