The Living on the Earth Awards for 2006!

I spent my entire walk today obsessing about who will win the Living on the Earth Award, and decided that, since I’m The Decider here at, I’m going to award SEVEN Living on the Earth Awards!

The Living on the Earth Award for consciousness-raising filmmaking, inspiration to millions of children, and truly handmade animation goes to Karen Aqua! (a theatre full of applause!!!)

Ken Field and Karen Aqua

The Living on the Earth Award for performing and composing jazz, avant-garde, performance dance music, film music, and voodoo dance music, while also making a living, adoring his wife, and having a radio show, goes to Ken Field! (stomps, cheers and whistles!!!)

Ayala and Alicia

The Living on the Earth Award for actually living on the earth, and in the most creative and elegant manner possible, while also actually making a living as folk artist-entrepreneur, and while also doing community organizing, goes to Ayala Talpai! (a plethora of felted hats thrown into the air!!!)

The Living on the Earth Award for balls to the walls international and domestic political and environmental activism, while also making a living writing books and giving workshops, and while also promoting spirituality through her work, goes to Starhawk! (a volley of seedballs fly everywhere!!!)

Joe Dolce and Alicia

The Living on the Earth Award for outrageous songwriting, singing, guitar-playing, harmonica mastery, humor, cabaret theatre, newsletter writing, political activism and dada recipes, and making a living by doing all of these with panache, goes to Joe Dolce (a cacophony of screaming fans!!!)

Jeff Gere

The Living on the Earth Award for superb storytelling, story festival organizing, puppet theatre, storytelling radio, acting, dancing, enchanting children and adults wherever he performs, and making a living doing all of that at the same time as participating actively in politics, goes to Jeff Gere! (all kinds of funny sound effects and a sea of tiny hands clapping!!!)

The Living on the Earth Award for permaculture writing and teaching, producing that classic on the subject, Gaia’s Garden, and remaining active in his community as a voice for sustainability as well as being an example of it in his own life, goes to Toby Hemenway! (a gale of birds, the gurgle of a running brook, and a mighty roar of wind in the trees!!!)