What Do You Do For Fun?

Tree hugger

Hi Alicia!

I am a huge fan of Living on the Earth, but after a recent post in your blog, I now have reasons to hunt for your other books!

I have a rather odd question, but I have been wondering: What do you do for fun, what brings you joy in your spare time, when you are not working on your book projects or making music?

Lots of love & light,
Amy Durwaigh

Hi Amy!

Thanks so much for your sweet letter.

I am, as you might suspect, a nature freak. I love to walk around (or swim around, or dance around) looking at plants, animals, and geologic forms. I also love to applaud other artists doing their art, which means I like to read, see movies, attend performances, gaze at art and architecture, and listen to music. I call all of this “visiting shrines of nature and shrines of culture.”

All blessings,