Why I Sing

Singing is a combination of playing an instrument and storytelling, two of my other favorite activities.

Singing focusses the mind in a manner similar to archery. If your mind wanders, you miss the mark and go off key or out of rhythm.

Singing conjures feelings and is therefore useful for releasing negative emotions (like singing the blues), as well manifesting courage when I feel fearful or passion when I feel apathetic.

Singing comes in handy to entertain children and sometimes adults.

People who sing together enjoy musical and social harmony.

Singing improves my health.

I can practice my instrument while driving my car or checking my email.

Don’t have to check my instrument with baggage or stow it in the overhead.

I have a very good reason not to smoke or eat stuff that gives me sore throats.

I love a whole bunch of songs, some of which I wrote.

There is no end to the possibilities for development of the voice, and if I forget that, I only have to listen to Bobby McFerrin.