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Most people who know my name associate it with my book Living on the Earth, which has been published four times in English, once in Japanese and once in Korean (2004).  The Japanese edition has been in print continuously since 1972.

Here is my complete bibliography:

Books I wrote, designed and illustrated:

Living On The Earth

First edition, The Bookworks, Berkeley, 1970. Only 10,000 copies printed, all sold within three weeks of publication.
Second edition, Vintage Books/Random House, 1971.  This was the first paperback ever on the New York Times Bestseller list, selling over 350,000 copies before going out of print in 1980.

Soshisha, Ltd. edition, 1972 to present

30th anniversary edition (Random House/Villard Books, 2000)

4th Edition (Gibbs Smith, Publisher, 2003) with its distinctive metallic gold embossed sun on the cover, and 100% post consumer waste recycled paper and soy-based ink throughout.

With simple line drawings and handwriting, and a groundbreaking layout, Living On The Earth captured the spirit of a generation and vast audiences. Widely imitated to this day, Living On The Earth changed the way books are conceived, and influenced countless artists and graphic designers.

You can order either the 30th anniversary edition (2000) for $15, or the 4th Edition (2003) for $19 from me on this site. Be sure to specify to whom youÂ’d like it inscribed. I always add a little illustration, too. Shipping and handling within the USA is $5.


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Being Of The Sun (co-authored by Ramon Sender Barayon)
(Harper & Row, 1973, and
Soshisha, Ltd., 1974)
Featured in the Utopia Then and Now exhibit at the Sonoma County Museum in spring of 2002. The topic is how to grow your own religion; itÂ’s a spiritual companion volume to Living On The Earth. Lots of color illustrations, music, and ceremonial suggestions.


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Earth Time (Random House, 1972)
Poetic astrological calendar with large colorful drawings.

A Set of Three ChildrenÂ’s Books (1972):

Sylvie Sunflower
Centerfolded in Ms. Magazine’s “Stories for Free Children”
Everyday life on a commune.

Kathy Kurutz re Sylvia Sunflower

The Family of Families
We are all one family.

Happy Day! Cried the Rainbow Lady, Full of Light
A wordless journey into the stars.

(All, Harper & Row, 1972, and Soshisha, Ltd., 1973)
These coloring books advise “No one has to color inside the lines.”
Sorry, these are out of print, but I am looking into releasing them in print on demand editions.

Book I designed and illustrated:

The Earth Mass (poetry by Joe Pintauro)
(Harper & Row, 1973)
“An oldie, hard to find, and worth its weight in emeralds”
Lots of AliciaÂ’s crayon and ink drawings, with ceremonies and poems for lifeÂ’s passages by Joe Pintauro, who has since gone on to become a novelist and playwright of reknown.


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Books I illustrated:

Home Comfort
(text and other illustrations by the Monteverdi Artists Collaborative) (New American Library, 1974)
Wonderful recipes, stories, art and poetry by the folks who once ran the Liberation News Service and then created four communes in New England. Other illustrators include Peter Gould and Doug Parker.

William ShakespeareÂ’s The Tempest:A New Age Adaptation by Michael Fleck (New Age Press, 1978)
Script of a 1976 multi-media production on Maui, depicting the battle of developers versus environmentalists. My color cover and pen and ink drawings throughout.


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