Bibliography of Alicia Bay Laurel

A collage of covers of Living on the Earth

Here is my complete bibliography as of spring 2021.
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Part One: Books I Wrote, Illustrated, and Designed

Living On The Earth

Most people who know my name associate it with my book Living on the Earth, which has been published five times in English, once in Japanese, once in Spanish, and once in Korean.  The Japanese edition has been in print continuously since 1972.  A French edition and a second Korean edition are both in process as of 2021. 

With flowing line drawings and handwriting, and a groundbreaking layout, Living On The Earth expresses the spirit of a multi-generational yearning for oneness with nature. Widely imitated to this day, Living On The Earth changed the way books are conceived, and influenced countless artists and graphic designers.

Bookworks 1st edition LOTE cover-small-90dpi

First edition, The Bookworks, Berkeley, 1970. 
Their second title, ever. Only 10,000 copies printed, all sold within three weeks of publication. Printed on a paper made from sawmill scraps and bark called Karma Kote.

LOTE-RH Vintage second edition-cover

Second edition, Random House/Vintage Books, 1971. This was the first paperback ever on the New York Times Bestseller list, selling at least 350,000 copies before going out of print in 1980.

Cover image of the Japanese version of Living on the Earth
Japanese edition

地球の上に生きる / Chikyu no ue ni ikiru
Translated by Mariko Fukumachi
Published 1972 – present by Soshisha Ltd., Tokyo

LOTE-RH Villard third edition-Cover
30th anniversary edition
Random House/Villard Books, 2000


4th Edition (Gibbs Smith, Publisher, 2003) with its distinctive metallic gold embossed sun on the cover, and 100% post consumer waste recycled paper and soy-based ink throughout.

LOTE-Small Seed-Korean edition-front cover-90dpi

Korean edition 지구에서 즐겁게 살아가기 /
(Small Seed, Seoul, Korea, 2005)

Viviendo en la Tierra cover-90 dpi
Spanish edition
Viviendo en la Tierra
Translated and lettered by Juan Antonio Martínez Sarrión
Kachina Ediciones, Albacete, España, 2017
with recycled paper and vegetable inks

LOTE50 front cover 90 dpi
50th Anniversary, 5th English language edition (Echo Point Books & Media, Brattleboro, Vermont, 2021) with sustainably sourced paper and vegetable inks.

French edition
Vivre sur la Terre
Editor: Lila Hervé-Gruyer
Translator: Virginia Gettle
Calligrapher: Harmonie Begon
Published by Editions Ulmer, Paris, 2022

Being of the Sun

BOTS Cover
First edition (1973) of Being of the Sun (Harper & Row, New York)

Being Of The Sun
(co-authored with Ramón Sender Barayón, designed, hand-lettered and illustrated by Alicia Bay Laurel)
(Harper & Row, 1973)

A nature, spirituality and music book on creating one’s own one-person religion, finding the divine in nature and within, with songs, ceremonies, projects and practices created or adapted for the authors’ own nature-as-spirituality religions.   It is a companion volume to Living on the Earth.

BOTS Japan Cover-90 dpi

太陽とともに生きる / Taiyo to tomoni ikiru
Japanese edition of Being of the Sun
Soshisha, Ltd., Tokyo, Japan, 1974-1980, 2007 – present
Translated by Mariko Fukumachi

The first new English language edition of Being of the Sun since 1973 was released by Echo Point Books & Media on October 1, 2021.

The 2021 Echo Point Books & Media edition, released on October 1, 2021

Earth Time (Random House, 1972) Poetic astrological calendar with large colorful drawings.

Earth Time (back cover)

A Set of Three Children’s Books (1972):

Sylvie Sunflower-front cover

Sylvie Sunflower
Centerfolded in Ms. Magazine’s January 1973 edition, in the “Stories for Free Children” series curated by Letty Cottin Pogrebin, one of the magazine’s founders. A little girl living with her parents and their friends on a rural commune gives a tour of her life there.

Kathy Kurutz re Sylvia Sunflower

The Family of Families
We are all one family.

Rainbow Lady-cover-144 dpi

Happy Day! Cried the Rainbow Lady, Full of Light
A wordless journey into the stars.

(All three, as a set, Harper & Row, 1972)
These coloring books advise “No one has to color inside the lines.”

Set of Three Children’s Books, Japanese editions 1974

Sylvie Sunflower-Nihongo

Sylvie Sunflower, Japanese edition
Soshisha Ltd., Tokyo, Japan 1974

If anyone can send me good scans of the covers of the Soshisha Ltd. editions of The Family of Families and/or Happy Day Cried the Rainbow Lady, Full of Light, I would love to post them here!

Part Two: A Book I Designed and Illustrated

Earth Mass Cover

The Earth Mass (poetry by Joe Pintauro)
(Harper & Row, 1973)
“An oldie, hard to find, and worth its weight in emeralds”
Lots of Alicia’s crayon and ink drawings, with ceremonies and poems for life’s passages by Joe Pintauro, who was also a novelist, playwright, and professor.

Review of the Earth Mass on Prism of Threads

Part Three: Books I Illustrated

home comfort

Home Comfort
Text by the Monteverdi Artists Collaborative, which included Ray Mungo, Verandah Porche, Peter Gould, Marty Jezer, and Richard Wizansky. Other illustrators include Peter Gould and Doug Parker. The poetry of Verandah Porche is one of the highlights (Saturday Review Press, 1973).

“After the Liberation News Service was chased out of DC by the feds, the darkly cheerful band of artist/intellectuals chose to bivouac in the hills of New England, purchase farms and learn to farm them, and invent recipes, myths, costumes, dances, unending in-jokes, even architecture. In the winter of 1971-72, they planned a communal book, each agreeing to write portions of it, and the pieces were read aloud in the communal dining space they had dubbed the Cafe Depresso. The artists of the tribe rose to the occasion with copious illustrations, and the family graphics professional, Doug Parker, assembled the pieces into a book. Decades later, it’s still fresh, charming, funny and even useful. ” (My review of the book on Amazon.)

Loved “Home Comfort” and “Living on the Earth.” Such beautiful ideals. Still part of me, even after so much time. Thank you.

Catherine Ednie
Farming and living an artisanal life in Maine

Tempest cover 2000 pixels high

William Shakespeare’s The Tempest: A New Age Adaptation
by Michael Fleck (New Age Press, 1978)
Script of a wild and colorful 1976 multi-media production on Maui, when Fleck was working as the creative director of the Maui Community Theatre. He depicts Shakespeare’s drama as a battle of cold-hearted corporate real estate developers versus environmentalists, both bohemian and indigenous, and their spirit allies. My ink and watercolor cover and monochrome pen and ink drawings throughout.

Another World, a novel by Yoshimoto Banana (hardcover edition)
(Shinchosha Ltd., Tokyo 2009)
Banana-san, an always-astonishing storyteller, introduces us to a woman who is really a cat, and the man who loves her.
Another World, a novel by Yoshimoto Banana (paperback edition)
(Shinchosha Ltd, Tokyo, 2010)

この世界にようこそ / Kono sekai ni yōkoso
Welcome to the World, a children’s book by Yuko Hirose
(Mille Books, Tokyo, 2015)
A book to read to little children about what to expect in life.
Rainbow Sweets, a cookbook by Orie Ishii
(Wave Publishers, Tokyo, 2016)

Orie’s stylish raw vegan desserts are decorated with edible flowers; every recipe is beautiful, healthful, and delicious.

This was my first experience working with a graphic designer who deftly combined hand lettering and line drawings with color photographs. Kudos to Wave Publishers!