Being of the Sun

This week I visited Ramon Sender Barayon and his wife Judith Levy Sender in Noe Valley, San Francisco. Back in the early ‘70’s, Ramon and I wrote a spiritual and music practice book called Being of the Sun, released as the sequel to Living on the Earth. Published by Harper and Row in 1973, the book’s central premise is each person can find his or her own to way to a dialogue with the Divine, without middlemen, hierarchy, or externally imposed rules of living, while borrowing practices from many traditions to enhance this dialogue. We then offered, as an example, various practices that we found useful.

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Ramon’s unique contributions stem from his practices of meditation on sunlight and his background as an avant-garde composer and musician. He was, along with Mort Subotnick, Pauline Oliveros and Terry Riley, one of the composers who formed the San Francisco Tape Music Center in the early 1960’s, and collaborated audio engineer Don Buchla and Mort Subotnick in the invention of first synthesizer built on the West Coast, the Buchla Box (which was contemporary with the Moog, built on the East Coast).

My illustrations in Being of the Sun are far more lush, imaginative and colorful than those in Living on the Earth, and I bravely offered a drawing of a beautiful young woman defecating into a hole in the earth. Twenty-seven years after its publication, I recorded some of the songs from the book on my first CD, Music From Living on the Earth.

Being of the Sun was initially not well received; in 1973, Rolling Stone declared it “the worst gift book of the year.” However, in the intervening years, it’s become a cult classic, often referenced on Pagan/Wiccan websites, the illustrations pirated into various alternative journals. The Japanese translation from Soshisha, Ltd. came back into print in 2007. Since then, I’ve been licensing the illustrations to fashion designers in Japan.  Here is a write-up in Japan Vogue from May 25, 2015, about the Salon de Balcony summer fashion line, which includes clothing and accessories printed with illustrations from Being of the Sun (scroll to the bottom of the page).

When I visited Ramon and Judy, I brought along twenty pristine copies of the original (and only) edition, which I’ve somehow managed to preserve in perfect condition for thirty-three years now. Ramon and I sat down and signed them all, and Judy kindly took the photo at the top. Interested collectors can purchase them at $200 per copy. Please email me via the feedback on this site.

In 2013, I released “Songs from Being of the Sun,” a CD of a remastered archival reel-to-reel recording Ramon made in 1973 of himself and me performing some of the sacred nature chants we created for Being of the Sun, just before it was published.  It’s available as a physical CD or as downloads from CD Baby.

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Here are some reviews from, as of February 2014:

BOTS reviews on Amazon
Gregory Sams sungazing behind his copy of BOTS 2017

My friend, organic food product pioneer and philosopher Gregory Sams, author of a wonderful book called Sun of gOd, received a copy in April 2017, and posted:

“Being of the Sun” was written 25 years before Sun of gOd. This beautiful book by Alicia Bay Laurel and Ramon Sender taps into the same spirit. Inspirational! All lovingly hand-written and illustrated.

Here is a quilted fan letter from fiber artist Tomoko Yamada, which she sent to me in 2008:

Tomoko Yamada's quilted fanletter 2007

Tigger Wheel was a child living at Wheeler Ranch commune while I was writing Living on the Earth.  We’ve stayed in touch all these years; now she and her husband are retired special ed teachers in Texas.  She sent me this a few years back:

BOTS fan letter from Tigger Wheel