Cranberry Relish á la Persephone

11-24-11-AZ-home-cranberry pomegranite relish

Thanksgiving recipe:

I invented a new twist on cranberry relish.

I mix 8 ounces of thawed whole (organically grown) cranberries and all of the seeds of a fresh (organically grown) pomegranate in a bowl, and pour over them a steaming cup of unsweetened (organicallly grown) cranberry (or pomegranate) juice (sweetened with a couple of droppers full of stevia glycerite) inwhich a heaping tablespoon of agar flakes has been completely dissolved by simmering 3 to 5 minutes over a medium flame (longer if needed – stir often).

One hour in the fridge and it becomes cranberries and pomegranate in aspic.