My Japan 2009 Tour Schedule

September 20, Mori Cafe Festival in Hokuto City, Yamanashi Prefecture.

September 24, Teach class at Fujino Steiner School. Make art books with 12th grade English class. Private.

September 27, 4 PM Concert at Shu Cafe in Fujino.

September 29, Dual interview with novelist Banana Yoshimoto. It will appear in the November issue of Switch Magazine.

September 30, Art Show Opening Party and Concert at Roppongi Hills Club. 5000 JPY admission. For reservations, please contact Kurkku staff at 03-5414-6273

October 2, 6 to 8 PM Art Show Opening Party and Concert at Gallery Speak For in Daikanyama, Tokyo. Admission is free, but you need an invitation.  Please email me if you’d like to be on my guest list.

October 2 to 14, Art Show at Gallery Speak For. Framed original drawings from Living on the Earth, plus the artwork from the new CD Beyond Living.

October 6, Interview with Soto Koto Magazine at Under The Light Yoga Studio in Yoyogi, Tokyo

October 11, Concert at Teisha Garden in Komoro City, near Komoro Station, Nagano Prefecture.

October 13, Interview with Murmur Magazine in Haragyuku, Tokyo, including a fashion modeling session in Yoyogi Park.

October 16, 6:30 to 9 PM, Concert and talk session with special guest, actress and environmental activist Ikue Masudo (aka Saya Takagi) at FU-RYU in Minami-Bousou City. 1800 yen (free for kids under 12). For more information call 090 7202 9590 (Ishii) or 0470 38 3606 (on October 16 only).

October 18, Art class, making small books at Genesis Art Lounge in Okachimachi, Tokyo. CANCELLED

October 19, Concert at Naked Loft, at the Loft Project, Shinjuku.  7:30 to 8 PM, Bobin (Nepalese Reggae singer/guitarist).  8:10 PM to 9 PM, live talk show, with Bobin and Alicia, hosted by Kikuchi. 8:10 to 9 PM, Alicia plays.  Closest train station is Shin-Okubo.

October 23 or 24, Concert at Happy Flower Beach Party festival, Nago, Okinawa. Joe Dolce and Lin Van Hek from Australia will join me.

October 27, Concert at Café Unizon in Okinawa. Alicia Bay Laurel, Amana band, and Joe Dolce and Lin Van Hek from Australia.

October 30 Concert at Yukotopia live house in Umejima, Tokyo. Joe Dolce and Lin Van Hek will join me.

November 1 Concert at Yukotopia live house in Umejima, Tokyo

See the full sized Yukotopia poster here.


Please check back; other events are still being planned!


Here’s my schedule in Japanese; many thanks to Reiko Ashidate for translating it!


9/20 mori café フェスティバル(山梨)でのコンサート。2時開始

9/24 シュタイナー学校(藤野)で小さな本を作る授業を英語のクラスで行います。(生徒のみ)

9/27 Shu ライブハウスでのコンサート(藤野)

9/29 11月のSwitch誌のために吉本バナナとのインタビュー取材。

9/30 六本木ヒルズクラブでのアートショーのオープニングパーティとコンサート。入場料5000円。予約はKurkku 03-5414-6273まで。

10/2 Gallery Speak For(代官山)でのオープニングパーティとコンサート。 18:00-20:00

10/2-10/14  Speak For ギャラリーでのアートショー。

”地球の上で生きる”からのオリジナルイラストを額装したものと新作アルバム“Beyond Living”からのアートワークのオリジナルを展示・販売します。

10/11 Teishaガーデン(長野県小諸駅前)

Flier for Komoro Concert 10-11-09.jpg

10/16 アリシア・ベイ=ローレル~トーク&ライブ セッション~ スペシャル・ゲスト 益戸育江(高樹沙耶)


10/18  Genesis Art Lounge(御徒町)での小さな本づくりのアートクラスを行います


10/19 ネイキッドロフト(新宿)でコンサート。

19:30 Bobin, 20:10 Live talk with Bobin, Alicia, Kikuchi, 21:10 Alicia

10/23 または 24, Happy Flower Beach Party festival(沖縄の名護)

でのコンサート。アマナバンドと、オーストラリアから来たJoe Dolce と Lin Van Hekとの共演。

10/27 Café Unizon(沖縄)でのコンサート。 アマナバンドと、オーストラリアから来たJoe Dolce と Lin Van Hek

Unizon poster front.jpgUnizon poster-back.jpg

10/30 Yukotopia (梅島)でのコンサート

11/1 Yukotopia (梅島)でのコンサート

Yukotopia コンサートのポスターイメージ: