On TV in Japan!

Japan TV-ABL at Natural Hig.jpg

In this photo, I am performing a story and music show at the Natural High Festival at Doshi, two hours into the mountains from Tokyo, on May 20, 2007, while being filmed for a show on Asahi Broadcasting Station. I am wearing Aya Noguchi’s Living on the Earth printed dress and scarf, designed for her fashion company, Balcony and Bed.

A five-part show about me, my book, Living on the Earth, my music and storytelling performances and my future works will appear on the eco talk show, Midori no Kotonoha (Green Leaves).

The show is on from 8:54 to 9:00 pm on Monday through Friday (June 11-15, 2007) on Asahi Broadcasting Station.

The show was created by my friend Setsuko Miura, a producer specializing in environmental documentaries at TV Man Union in Tokyo, with direction by Sayaka Matsukawa and camera work by Jun Maruyama, during my two performances at the Natural High Festival at Doshi on May 20, and also at Setsuko’s beautiful home in the mountain town of Fujino, one hour away from Doshi by car, where I was a guest.

Below: Setsuko Miura flashes a peace sign at the Natural High Festival; Jun Maruyama and Sakaya Matsukawa prepare to film at Fujino. 

Japan TV-Setsuko.jpg Japan TV crew2.jpg