Starhawk embodies her ethics and principles in direct physical action, in highly engaging books, and by teaching. She burst to stardom in the late 1970’s with her bestselling book The Spiral Dance, which introduced the Old Religion (Wicca, Paganism, Nature Worship) to modern spiritual seekers.

Starhawk’s love of nature and humanity expresses itself not only in spiritual practices, but in working vigorously to promote permaculture and environmentalism, and through political activism for peace and against corporate globalization.

These major threads of her life weave through her delightful autobiographical novel Walking to Mercury, and her intense, sweeping novel of a future lifetime, The Fifth Sacred Thing and her terrifyingly prescient sequel, City of Refuge.

To get the gritty flavor of the frontlines of the demonstrations where she organized nervous demonstrators to resist police on horseback, or her courageous actions to protect Palestinians in the violent occupied territories, read her activist diary Webs of Power.

To get down and dirty, learning permaculture and earth activism with Starhawk, click here.