Tofu Dips and Sauces

Instead of dipping my artichoke petals in melted butter or mayonnaise, I prepare a creamy, high protein, isoflavone rich dip made from silken tofu, ume (plum) vinegar, and dill weed.

Mori Nu Organic Silken Tofu comes in small coated cardboard cartons sold on the shelves with the oriental foods rather than in the cooler with the other tofu, tempeh and seitan. Ume vinegar, also found in the oriental foods section, lends both a salty and a sour taste, and makes tofu taste like fermented dairy.

Open the carton and pour the entire contents into a food processor, along with two teaspoons of ume vinegar and a teaspoon of dill weed. Blend until smooth and pour into a dish. Dunk your steamed artichoke petals.

This dill weed dip can also replace mayonnaise in tuna or egg salads. If you stir in a package of organic instant onion soup, you get something reminiscent of that classic chip dip from the 1950’s, only it doesn’t harden your arteries.

A vegan breakfast treat, rather like a fruit yogurt: Place one box of Mori Nu tofu in the food processor with some thawed frozen berries and blend until smooth. Pour into a dish and add more thawed or fresh fruit on top. I like frozen strawberries blended into the tofu and slices of fresh banana on top.

Spicy, low fat, high fiber, high protein topping for baked potatoes: Place in food processor one carton of Mori Nu Tofu and one jar of Halms Lite Kim Chee (“lite” in this case means no MSG and no preservatives, hooray. If you can’t find kim chee without MSG where you live, here’s a recipe.) Blend until smooth. Cut open the baked potato lengthwise and crosswise, squish it together a little, and then add a half cup of the sauce.

Vegan cottage cheese is easy to make by mashing extra firm tofu (White Wave, Wildwood, etc.) with a fork, adding a dollop of Follow Your Heart Grape Seed Oil Vegenaise, and salting to taste with ume plum vinegar.