The War on Christmas Blogswarm Post

Commandante Agi is hosting a War on Christmas Blogswarm. I’m always behind anything that might piss off Bill O’Reilly. If you have your own blog (good for you!) please participate.

It will come as no surprise to any of my regular readers that when I say War on Christmas, of course I mean war on what NPR just gave up and called flat out “The Gift Giving Season.” The Consumerist Season, more like. People this amazingly rich country of ours are buying Christmas-themed toilet seat covers and glue-on toenails and charging them.

And while the war on right-wing fundies continues the year round, please, let us not allow the Right to define and push us into getting all anti-Jesus this time of year. It isn’t necessary. As I pointed out to Agi his own wonderful self:

Just remember, for some of us lefties, Jesus is our union organizing carpenter/death penalty victim/truth to power homeboy.

Santa? Cut his balls off.


I’m about 40 votes behind in the Weblog Award voting. Time to fugeddaboudit and get the focus back on the writing. Thanks for all the love and support. I don’t care what my competition says, MY BLOG has the best readers in the blogosphere.


Before I forget, even if you’re not into Frank Zappa, you might be fascinated by qwerty’s contribution to the festival of Zappadan: A YouTube of FZ on the Steve Allen show in 1963, portrait of the artist as a young up-and-coming square, with a tremendous amount of gumption and creativity. It’s fantastic.

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