Alicia Bay Laurel 2012 Japan Tour Schedule

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Truly a wonderful tour.  I enjoyed every day of it!

May 20 live at Café Ocean 18:00-20:00 in Aichi (near Nagoya) for Little Eagle Fashion Exhibition

May 25 live at Juzu (Go West Hemp Boutique) in Ebisu, Tokyo 19:00 for Little Eagle Fashion Exhibition

May 27 live at Natural High Festival at Doshi, 11:20 to 12:00.  Otherwise I’ll be at Kurkku/apbank booth.

May 30 live at Cafe Slow in Kokubunji, Tokyo, 19:00 to 12:30 for Little Eagle Fashion Exhibition

June 2 live at Jisoan Gallery in Gifu, 14:00 – 18:00 for Little Eagle Fashion Exhibition. Telephone 0572-65-2010

June 3 live at MI.CA.LI Gallery in Osaka, 19:00 for Little Eagle Fashion Exhibition

June 9 live at Beach Muffin Cafe in Hayama, Kanagawa, 16:00 for Little Eagle Fashion Exhibition

June 14 live at Cay in Aoyama, Tokyo with Inoue Ohana Band, start 20:00.

June 15 live at Natural and Harmonic Plants (organic mall) in Yokohama 18:00 for Little Eagle Fashion Exhibition

June 16 live at Studio M in Koganei, Tokyo. Doors open 14:00, show 15:00. For information, call Spoonful Cafe at 080 3386 0635

June 19 Art workshop and live performance at Holistic Health Care Institute in Kichijoji, Tokyo. 18:00 – 22:00.

June 21 live at Thumbs Up in Yokohama with Inoue Ohana Band, start 20:00.

June 22 live at Chikyu-ya in Kunitachi, Tokyo, with Inoue Ohana Band, start 19:30.

June 23, live at Yukotopia in Umejima, Adachi, Tokyo, with Ha-Za-Ma, High Blood Pressure and Howdy Groovies. Doors open at 18:30, live begins at 19:00. I play last.

June 24 live at Alishan Organic Center in Hidaka, Saitama, 16:00 start.

June 29 live in Fukushima at Ginga No Hotori (Edge of the Milky Way) Café with Yoshie Ebihara, Inoue Ohana Band and Kaorico Ago. A gift to the Tohoku people from Little Eagle. Doors open at 17:00, start time 18:00.

June 30 live in Ishinomaki at Cafe Roots with Yoshie Ebihara, Inoue Ohana Band and Kaorico Ago. A gift to the Tohoku people from Little Eagle. Doors open at 18:00, start time 19:00.

July 1 art workshop (making fabric picture books) in Sendai, co-led with Kaorico Ago 13:00.  Live with Yoshie Ebihara and Kaorico Ago at 15:00. Location: Akiu Kinoie Center. A gift to the Tohoku people from Little Eagle.

July 4 live at Marunouchi House (close to Tokyo station), CD Release Party for Monk Beat’s 2nd CD, Animal Collection.  Monk Beat, Alicia Bay Laurel and Mirrorbowler.  First set begins at 17:00.

July 7 live at Nagoji Temple in Tateyama, Chiba, with Monk Beat, featuring vocalist Yae, and the temple choir. Doors open at 17:00, show starts at 18:00. A fundraiser for Tohoku survivors.  Video of the temple choir’s song:

July 13-15 Weekend workshop in beautiful Tamagusuku, Okinawa, co-led with Sachiho Kojima, including nature walks to sacred sites, musical meditation, beach time, live music, and shrine-building art workshop. To join us, or for more details, please contact Sachiho at or message Sachiho on Facebook.

July 15 live at Roguii Cafe, Okinawa, with Amana band.  Doors open at 19:00, show at 19:30. Cafe address: 1663 Yogi, Okinawa City, Okinawa. Phone: 098 933 8583.  Hand craft and farmers market at the cafe from 15:00.

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Happy 40th Birthday, Living on the Earth


buy Living on the Earth

OK, birthday candles are in order. The 40th anniversary of the first edition of Living on the Earth (The Bookworks, Berkeley CA) was in September 2010. The 40th anniversary of the bestselling second edition of Living on the Earth (Vintage Books, Random House, NYC) was in April 2011. It’s still in print as a hardbound library edition. The 40th anniversary of  Mariko Fukamachi’s translation of Living on the Earth (Soshisha Ltd., Tokyo) was in April 2012. It’s still in print as a paperback book.

Living on the Earth sold somewhere in excess of 350,000 copies, and it’s still selling in English and Japanese, and maybe still in Korean. I heard a rumor that the Provos in Amsterdam made a bootleg translation back in the 1970s (I’ve never seen one of those either, but I would LOVE to have one if it exists!!)


LOTE’s illustration and design style was so revolutionary when it first came out that Publishers Weekly devoted two pages to acknowledging this with an article in handwriting, illustrated with drawings selected from LOTE. I scanned and posted the PW piece here.

LOTE’s illustration and book design begat The Massage Book (and the Random House/Bookworks series), The Moosewood Cookbook series, The Vegetarian Epicure series, Survival into the 21st Century, and numerous others. More recently, motivational writer/speaker SARK told me that Living on the Earth’s illustration and design had inspired her graphic style as well.

Soshisha, Ltd, in Tokyo released the Japanese translation in 1972, with a blurb on the cover from Japan’s poet laureate, Shuntaro Tanikawa. It says, “I want to do everything in this book. If I can’t do everything in this book, then I want to dream about it, because I know that if I do, I will be a better person to the marrow of my bones.”

Alicia Bay Laurel’s Japan Tour Schedule for 2007

ABL onstage at Rainbow Fest.jpg

Onstage May 4, 2007, singing for a thousand people at the Rainbow Festival at Aso Mountain, Kyushu, Japan.  Photo by Tatsuya Nema. It’s a rainy night, and I’m wearing Japanese rice planting rubber boots under the patchwork dress made for me in 1971 by Charlotte Lyons, an artist friend who lived at Wheeler Ranch during the time I created Living on the Earth.

April 30 “Living on the Earth Festival” at the Loveland shop and spiritual center in Kumamoto town on the island of Kyushu, with Sachiho Kojima.

May 4 at the “Rainbow Festival” at Aso Mountain on the island of Kyushu. I’ll be performing a 45-minute set of my songs with a band. The festival is using the Living on the Earth cover goddess as the poster graphic.

May 6 through 10th: Three shows on the island of Kyushu with Sachiho Kojima’s all woman trance trio, Amana, and then two with Sachiho only. On May 6th at the Tomigawa River Festival in the Issahaya district of Nagasaki. On May 7th at the art studio of world reknown granite sculptor Hiroto Sakamoto in the Sazachou district of Nagasaki. On May 8th in the Yobiko area of Saga City. On May 9th at Organ’s Melody night club in Yamaguchi.  On May 10 at Chakra store and tea house in Osaka.

May 19 and 20 “Natural High” Festival at Doshi on Honshu island (about two hours from Tokyo). 45 minute set of my songs (as above) but with a different band! Plus I lead a redux of the decoupage visualization shrine-building from recycled objects workshop I did at the same location last October for Artist Power Bank. And it all gets filmed for the Eco-Words television show, which airs nightly on BS Asahi TV, a station watched by half of the households in Japan.

May 29 and 30, workshop and concert on the island of Oshima, organized by my friend Mana.

June 3, 6 to 8 PM, at Hobbit Theatre, Tokyo, Concert.  Two sets of me and the legendary punk/ska/indie rock singer Yoko Utsumi in a musical dialogue.

June 9 workshop and concert with Sachiho Kojima of Amana in Toyko sponsored by Anima.

June 11 and 12, two workshops and concerts with Sachiho Kojima in Tohoku, which is the moutainous and forested northern-most province of Honshu island, one in the town of Sendai and one in the town of Morioka.

June 17 and 15 “Living on the Earth Festival” at Yukotopia Deadheadsland Nightclub in North Tokyo. This time, TWO 45 minute sets (9 to 11 PM), with Jun and Ken, an excellent bass player and lead guitarist I met last October when I played there last.

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