Speaking of Awards Shows

There is a little controversy over whether the Weblog Awards have a conservative bias, but there is NO such controversy about the Koufax Awards.

Look, here’s the deal. Wampum puts OUR award show on with little money and little thanks and we in the left wing blogosphere can do better. Way better.

I just used the Amazon Honor System (they do PayPal, too) to send them five bucks. They need a new server which costs $178.00 plus s&h. The server hits they get from “Koufax only” viewers is phenomenal and costs money.

If you’ve ever fantasized (oh don’t get me started) about winning a Koufax, you owe it to yourself to support the servers that make the awards possible. Get over there and give less than the cost of 12 ounces of ground Starbucks. It’s time.

UPDATE: Gaaah! As of the moment of this writing I am behind by ONE VOTE. Think your vote doesn’t count? Heh. This is crazy. I’m so hyped up I might even vacuum today.

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