Living Through Young Eyes CD – Listener Comments

LTYE Cover for CD Baby.jpg

Your two new CDs are in the rotation on WUTZ-FM 88.3.
I especially like these acoustic medleys.

Albert Bates
Founder and Director
Eco-Village Training Center
The Farm
Summertown, Tennessee


The brilliant techniques of John Fahey shine through your playing + I love your originality, in songs and feeling.

Very inspirational!

Erik Frye
Radio KZYX, Mendocino County, California
Real Goods Solar Living Center, Hopland, California


The birds eating and singing in the back yard. The dog showing a happy face. Sun tea with my fresh mint brewing on the back step. I repotted a tree I brought from Puerto Rico (it bears fruit there, but cannot live outside here so will not produce), worked in my compost pile, and made homemade Pennsylvania Dutch noodles for a dish Sal requested. ALL TO THE SOUNDS OF YOUR CD! I love it! Living Through Young Eyes. You are incredibly talented, as of course you know.

You and I have this energy, this vivacity (note: root of that word is “life”), this desire to make it all happen. You reinforce that in me when I listen to your music.

You need to be very proud of your accomplishments. As they say here in Texas, “You done well!” Loved the transitions between the various melodies and the way you wove them into one another. Poetry at your fingertips.

Barbara Light Lacey
Author, Singer-Songwriter
Dallas, Texas

– – – – – – – – – –

“Living through young eyes.”
Just such a beautiful CD.

You play flawlessly… xx 🙂

Mark Hewins
Noted guitarist
Margate, UK

– – – – – – – – – –

Easy listening on the hot highway from Shasta to Frisco,
fun filling in the words of so many classics.
and loved hearing two of my Sixties favorites — “Ripple”
and “Happiness Runs”

Michael Fleck
Good Company Pacific
Auckland, New Zealand

– – – – – – – – – – – – – –

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