More chances to vote.

So Sandy at the Aristocrats has unwittingly started a little poll. The US forces are apparently starting another door-to-door sweep of Baghdad, so Sandy wants them to be constructive about it. So far we’ve got them selling:

Vacuum Cleaners


Trick or Treat

And my own contribution

Watchtower Magazine

Here’s where you go to contribute your idea.


And has anyone else heard of this A-hole of the Year competition? It was a little involved because you had to vote in comments for the top ten. Voting is over, but I’ll be interested to see who the winners are. If you just want to suggest a single winner, feel free to do so in comments, but I warn you, it’s a tough choice. Think about it:

Jack Abramoff. Samuel Alito. George Allen. Glenn Beck. William Bennett. John Bolton. George W. Bush. Dick Cheney. Mark Foley. Alberto Gonzales. Nancy Grace. Rudy Guiliani. Rev. Ted Haggard. Katherine Harris. Dennis Hastert. Christopher Hitchens. Brit Hume. Joe Lieberman. Rush Limbaugh. Michelle Malkin. John McCain. Ken Mehlman. Dick Morris. Rupert Murdoch. Bill O’Reilly. Condoleezza Rice. Michael Richards. Pat Robertson. Karl Rove. Donald Rumsfeld. Rick Santorum. Antonin Scalia. Arnold Schwarzenegger. Rep. Jean Schmidt. O.J. Simpson. Tony Snow. Ted Stevens. Cal Thomas. Donald Trump. Chris Wallace.

Edited way down from their list, but still.

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