Lyrics to the songs on “Music from Living on the Earth”

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All songs© 2001 Alicia Bay Laurel, Bay Tree Music (ASCAP)

In the Morning


In the morning, in the morning

With the first light ye rise

And keep your mouth closed

And open your eyes.

In the morning, in the morning

When the first light is new

Come rise ye and roll ye

In the sweet morning dew

Verse 1:

Rise ye early by morning’s dew

And wash out your mouth and the rest of ye, too.

Don’t take ye no worry if the water’s too cold

It’s years of cold washing that prevents growing old.

Verse 2:

Clean out the house, now, and scrub out the pots

And water the garden afore it’s too hot

And stretch out the kinks that you tied in your sleep

For the day’s a ballet, gotta stay on your feet.

Verse 3:

Musicians play songs and the writer must write

The lover must practice his art in the night

Some paint and some garden, but whatever you do

You’ll do it much better by morning’s dew.

Chard and Chives

I’m going out to do a dance in the garden

I’ve got a space cleared out to plant a gift of love to everyone

The garden—I hope it feeds everyone

But, in the meantime, it gets me out in the sun.

Each little seed I planted with a sweet love song

Each little weed I killed I hoped it came back as a fruiting tree

Oh garden—please pardon my ignorance

I’m a city girl just learning to listen to plants.

All of the pits and peels that went into the compost

Come back as comfrey, kale and carrots, a row of beans and mustard greens

And lettuce—be thankful for garlic, chard and chives

May our salad days last the rest of our lives

Whenever I’m down and blue I go to my garden

And soon I’ll be singing and acting goofy as a girl in love for the very first time

Oh garden—I love the way you set me free

Hope I grow for you the way you grow for me.


Rain’s falling down, how the drops fill the air

Trees are green all around, grass is thick everywhere

And a sigh fills the space ‘tween the clouds and the ground

Between heavier drops it’s a faraway sound

Falling down, all around

Passing by, through the sky.

Oceans are crashing, the mountain is still

And the rain covers all, like the wind has no will

But the clouds blow inland and the earth turns around

And above all the clouds, sun and moon shining down

Shining down, all around

Passing by, through the sky.

Hang Out and Breathe

Verse 1:

What I wanna do now is hang out and breathe

Take care of the family at hand

Live in the moment and be who I am

For things may go different than that which we’ve planned.


Oh happy most wonderful!

Hang out and breathe til I die

Meet my Creator with open heart

Surrender my body with joy in my eyes

Verse 2:

When I can remember to hang out and breathe

And let all my worrying cease

Things may go crazy and things may go fine

I’ll be a love fountain in a garden of peace

Verse 3:

Nothing is more simple than to hang out and breate

You’d think that’s what all of us do

We come to this planet to live and to learn

So don’t hold your breath while your wishes come true

Thanksgiving Hymn

Early springtime flowers abound, everything sings

Baby birds are flying around, trying their wings

So we go to planting our seeds in the ground

Soft the April rains come falling, falling down

So we go to planting our seeds in the ground.

Summer river waterfalls gleam, ocean bound

Time to take a swim in the stream, bodies turn brown

So we go to tending our garden so green

Strong the summer sun is shining, shining serene

So we go to tending our garden so green.

Autumn’s bounty covers the earth, fragrant with food

Mother Nature’s bosomy girth, brilliantly hued

So we go to harvest the fruits of the earth

Warm September winds come laughing, caroling mirth

So we go to harvest the fruits of the earth

Oh, the year’s sweet gifts unfolding, day and night

So we thank our Maker for giving us light.


Verse 1:

Scattering seeds of enlightenment, the rinpoches came to tea

Kalu tapped his foot to my songs as he watched for souls to set free

“For the sake of the ones that hear you,” he said

“Will you sing this song for me?”


Aum mani pedme hung, aum mani pedme hung

The whole golden afternoon kept singing to me

Verse 2:

All you four-legged and two legged ones, all you winged and rooted that breathe

May you have the causes of happiness, may your sorrow and pain become peace

May you come to a state of enlightenment

For the sake of all sentient beings.

Verse 3:

And when the rinpoches walked away, leaving their stardust and smiles

Everyone gathered where they had sat, and we talked and made music a while

When my friends had all gone their ways,

I strummed a new song in my style.

Oh Sweet Self

Verse 1:

No matter how hard they try

Your lovers can’t love you any better than you love yourself

You wouldn’t let them if they tried.


Oh sweet self, I’m gonna love you more

A little more than I did yesterday, every day

I’m gonna blossom in my own care

Gonna give myself the time that I need

Gonna pick a blossom, put it in my waving hair

And let the blooming flowers go to seed.

Verse 2:

I took some time to be all alone

Found that I could make it all right, even at night

Even with nobody by my side.

Verse 3:

So I won’t try to buy up your love

Don’t see no need to compromise my self anymore

Gettin’ high is all my love is for.


All the plants in the garden can heal you

Get to know them, let their consciousness feel you

On the land, and the plants of the sea, too

If you grow them, you will know they can see you.

Energy high, from the sun and the star belt

Happy to be a part of a larger mandala

They reach for the sun, they suckle the earth’s milk

Richly arrayed in their jeweled regalia.

All the gods in the heavens can love you

When you’re dancing feel them hover above you

On the earth all the people are learning

To the loving of the heavens we’re turning.

Anyone’s eyes can be channels of God’s love

Tune right in with a carress and a kiss

Everyone needs a hit of the real thing

Since we’re all here, it’s not easy to miss.

All the ways to nirvana can free you

I’d say any way that will let you just be you

After all, it’s the knowing we’re all one

That will let you give up growsing and have fun.

Energy flows in myriad patterns

Experiences endlessly follow each other

Let them go by, you’ll see as the world turns

Each one teaches you that God is your lover.

Nineteen Sixty-six

From lollipop to teenybop

From bunny hop to drop out

From LA I ran away

To find out what life was about

Took the route

Along the sea

To find me

Poetry and LSD

Beneath a tree in Big Sur

Opened me to serenity

But found my mind so very hard to find

But life was kind

On the way

To San Francisco Bay.

The city trip of being hip

And paying lip service to law

First was fun, but then the sun

Went away and I had to give

You must pay For the way You live.

Time again, I met a friend

Who took me to a greener place

Stayed a while and found a style

Of living that was earthy, like me

I could be


Very free and easy

Oh, so free and easy, yeah.

Vai Raga

Verse 1:

Street vendors are singing in rhyme

Pilgrims are visiting shrines

The children play the same games everywhere

The stars’ places, the moon’s phases,

The men’s paces are the same.

Verse 2:

Love shines from the eyes of holy men

They bless you and they disappear again

They remind you not to lose your dreams

The lambs bleating, the pigs eating,

The winds meeting could scatter them.


Come, abandoning all plan.

Place yourself in the hands of the Creator.

Verse 3:

Down to the source of the Force

Streaming like a wide river’s course

We will merge into a silent sea

Without places, without spaces,

Without faces we are Eternity.

Pain and Love


Pain and love, pain and love

Take away the pain, and bring on the love

Pain and love, oh, pain and love

Take away the pain, and bring on the love.


For each of us can be a voice of compassion

Each in our own way, each in our fashion

We may look different and stand different trials

But the magic of mercy is the source of our smiles.


So let’s share our lovin’

What else have we got in this world?

It’s the only way the earth can survive

The way things have gone


I won’t leave you alone

I won’t leave you alone

Until you’re ready to start out on your own.

I won’t leave you alone

I won’t leave you alone.

I won’t leave you at night

I won’t leave you at night

Until the morning fills your window with its light

I won’t leave you at night

I won’t leave you at night.

I won’t stop you when you go

I won’t stop you when you go

But I’ll be ready to smile and say “hello”

I won’t stop you when you go

I won’t stop you when you go.

I won’t leave you alone

I won’t leave you alone

Until you’re ready to start out on your own.

I won’t leave you alone

I won’t leave you alone.

Family to Me


Today we stand facing the world side by side

Dressed in our best as the groom and the bride

For you are my sweetheart and always will be

And now you are family to me.

Verse 1:

All through our courtship I learned about you

You proved to be tender, loyal and true

I hope you have noticed the same about me

‘Cause that’s what it takes to become family

Verse 2:

By trusting each other and seeking what’s real

We truthfully share what we hope for and feel

Becoming invincible as we grow old

Is the love in our hearts and the peace in our souls.

Verse 3:

The loving between us becomes like a sun

That shines both for us and for everyone

It shines in our eyes and shines from our home

And shines through the world wherever we roam.


God bless you, my guitar

For showing me the music in my soul

We have travelled very far, you and I

And I’ve learned from you

That the whole world is very holy

And that silence is the source of sound.

Thank you for every note that came forth from your throat

God bless you, my guitar

God bless you, my guitar

God bless you, vocal chords

For airing undulations of my heart

May you vibrate sympathetically

With the muses of the dark uncharted spaces

And the angels of the light!

Thank you for every note that came forth from my throat

God bless you, vocal chords

God bless you, my guitar.

Alicia Bay Laurel playing acoustic bass guitar and singing at Wheeler Ranch, on Easter 1971
Photo by Sylvia Clarke Hamilton

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