Merry Christmas and all…

Merry Christmas or whatever you want to celebrate this time of year. The little Blue Gals are busy with Dora, Spongebob, and Barbie, which of course, means it’s been a very good Christmas for Viacom and Hasbro.

I made three batches of cookies yesterday which would not be necessarily bloggable, except I sang lefty ballads (rather than holiday carols) while mixing and measuring. Here are my recommendations for cookie recipes and their musical accompanyments for next year, or whenever.

Jiffy Mix Sugar Cookies, with two teaspoons almond extract and one cup dried cranberries mixed in…Billy Bragg, Accident Waiting to Happen.

Duncan Hines Chocolate Chip cookie mix, made with real butter and another cup of dried cranberries mixed in….Pete Seeger, Little Boxes.

Once-a-year pain-in-the-ass date balls (not a sex toy.) Nine Inch Nails, Head like a Hole.

Honestly, “Chinese Chews” are delicious, especially with strong coffee, BUT.

We’ll be finishing up the First Freedom First posts this week, but posting will be a little erratic for the same reason it is for everybloggy else. Have a great week. The Christmas letter is here if you missed it. Much love, BG

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