Interview with Blue Gal at

Paul Van Heden was kind enough to interview me again at If you wanna here stuff about blogging from someone with really flat Ohio vowel sounds, that’s the place.

I mention some other bloggers and websites in this interview and here are some links to those. Please let me know if I left someone out:

Jesus’ General

Shakespeare’s Sister

The Aristocrats

Geeky Mom

Mike at the Blog Round Up at Crooks and Liars

Daily Darfur

I also regret one inclusion in this interview. I appear to be critical of a post by a fellow Aristocrat. That really wasn’t the case but it appears so in the interview. You can read the post in question here and my discussion with Sandy about it in comments here. I love Sandy and think his post was thought-provoking, even if I wouldn’t have posted it that way myself.

I did have a major disagreement once with another blogger, not Sandy, about dead baby pictures. Whether anti-war or pro-life, dead baby propaganda should be used sparingly, imho. Sandy did use it sparingly, the other blogger did not. I felt the other blogger was posting dead Iraqi baby pictures for his own self-aggrandizement, and that his blog was exploiting, rather than merely exposing, the civilian suffering, and I told him so.

Sandy’s post is about how the war is packaged for US consumption, and while I don’t “like” the dead baby picture in the post (who would?) I understand it. I hope that clarifies rather than muddies things.

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