Final thoughts on Ford

I just keep thinking about what if there had been a left-wing blogosphere in 1974? Would Ford have been able to pardon Nixon?

Of course, Ford could do whatever he wanted, he was the President. Those who feel this was the beginning of an imperial presidency? Maybe it began with Nixon, no, Johnson. What about FDR, for Pete’s sake? Oh, man, don’t forget Wilson. Lincoln. That Emancipation thing was, from a Constitutional perspective, an amazing executive power grab. I could go on.

I was thinking about this question, and this post, discussing with Mr. Blue Gal our agreed opinion that Nixon was more hated at the point of his resignation than Bush is now. Approval ratings don’t show this, both men in the 20’s give or take.

If We The Blogosphere had been where we are now in 1974, can you imagine the sonic boom on the day of the pardon? Would we have been wrong, too polarized, to see the “healing” that many of us praise Ford for today?

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