Don't Sugarcoat It Award for December 21

If you haven’t heard the song, make sure you do.

Today’s don’t sugarcoat it award goes to two terrific bloggers.

First, Stunted Growth from the Blog, Is Richmond Burning?, for his lovely New Year’s Resolution:

To get the Richmond Police Department, Richmond Sheriff’s Department, Henrico Police Department, and the Virginia State Police to bend over so that I can give them a free tonsilectomy with my boot.

Runner-up goes to Robert Ellman of Intrepid Liberal Journal, who pointed out in his most recent podcast post:

Prostitutes are held in higher esteem then todayÂ’s politicians because at least theyÂ’re providing a service.

Thanks for sharing, gentlemen.

Happy birthday, Frank Zappa. Zappadan returns next year to the Aristocrats.

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