Did you vote today?

Just click on the panties, ma hunnies.

This post will remain the top post until the end of voting.

I’ve been checking out the other nominated blogs as I can. One really can’t second guess the judge(s), but it seems to me the criteria for finalists is they post regularly, know pretty much how to spell, and have enough html under their belts to get by. That makes the nominees a nice buncha bloggers, and on the whole worth a visit.

Certain of BG’s competition has suggested a sense of urgency in voting against “Leftyblogs”:

I’m within striking distance of #1 and #2…..who are both LeftyBlogs!! To paraphrase, “The Left triumphs only when the good people do nothing!”

I don’t know anything about good people doing nothing. I’ve never met a good person who did nothing. But I digress. Just allow me to say that if you are checking out Blue Gal for the first time because she is a finalist for a Weblog award, welcome. This is definitely an unapologetic Leftyblog…and probably the only finalist who encourages you to click on a pair of panties to access the ballot.

Please also give these FOBG’s your consideration. And thank you.

Best New Blog – Konagod
Best Liberal Blog – Shakespeare’s Sister, Jesus’ General, or Bring It On! [my vote in this category is so secret, I don’t even know who I’m voting for.]
Best Video Blog – Crooks and Liars
Best Humor Blog – Sadly, No!
Best of the Top 1751 – 2500 Blogs – Last Left Turn Before Hooterville

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