Art and chaos day at Blue Gal

copyright Alexandra Huber

Every couple weeks here at Blue Gal we take a break and look at some art.

The painting above, and many other provocative works, are from a site called Art Brut. Art Brut is a private dealer specializing in “outsider art,” particularly art by psychiatric patients and those who have survived some sort of trauma. From the Art Brut site:

When such a person turns to art, there is a chance that the emotions surrounding the trauma will be revisited, possibly for the first time since the trauma itself. These emotions might not be readily apparent to the artist, but their emergence in the art will allow for an opportunity for these feelings to be witnessed and acknowledged. Healing can begin on levels that might still be subliminal, but the process can begin. Art therapy does not necessarily require a classroom.

Some argue that being an artist requires a certain amount of psychosis, but that may be a chicken and egg circle. This art is fascinating and moving. That is enough.

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