Digital graphic layouts for the upcoming vinyl LP release of Love Cry Want

Single pocket cover layout for vinyl LP of Love Cry Want

I’ve been working, under the guidance of digital designer Karen Tsugawa, to create the LP cover, disc labels, and an insert booklet for Love Cry Want, an avant-garde/psychedelic rock album by the band of the same name, recorded live at an antiwar rally in Washington DC in 1972. I wanted to focus on the non-violent action aspect of the performance, and collected images illustrating the passion and intersection of the civil rights and peace movements of the 1960s and 1970s.

We just got the InDesign files ready to go to press last night, and expect to have albums back from the pressing plant in the autumn.

The blue lettering on the spine and in the green box will be printed in black. The blue signals that these pieces of font text have been outlined in preparation to go to press.

Labels for the vinyl LP disk in the template provided by the pressing plant.

Labels for each side of the 12″ LP disc, on their template. In this template, the blue line is the “safety” border, the black line is the trim line and the red line is the bleed border.

The front cover of the 8 panel insert booklet

The 11″ x 11″ insert booklet has eight panels, the first and last of which are the same as the front and back of the album cover. Inside are my liner notes, a review by Dave Segal published in Jazz Times in 2005, bios of the band members, and a map of the cover photos with information about each photo.

The two photos on the front cover were taken by Howard Ruffner during the May 4, 1970 Kent State Massacre, when Ohio National Guard fired on students protesting the US invasion of Cambodia, killing four and wounding nine.

Laurel Krause, co-founder and director of the Kent State Truth Tribunal, introduced me to Howard Ruffner, who granted me permission to use these photos, as well as the one he took on the back cover of a radiant Coretta Scott King and Senator George McGovern, arm in arm, leading a peace march in Washington DC in 1969.