Living on the Earth reviews from 1971

Sincere thanks to wonderful Greg Castillo, Professor at the Department of Architecture, College of Environmental Design, at the University of California at Berkeley, who has been doing the first academic research and writing about Living on the Earth.

Yesterday he sent me this message: “I was just procrastinating from writing by doing some internet research on a subscription based site called Independent Voices, a database of alternative publications. I typed “Alicia Bay Laurel” into the search bar and came up with a number of reviews of Living on the Earth that you might not have.”

And here they are – five clippings displaying reviews of Living on the Earth surrounded by some of the countercultural icons among which it was born – Richard Brautigan, Steve Winwood, Baba Ram Dass’ Be Here Now, the East Village Other, How to Keep Your Volkswagen Alive, Alpha Brain Wave Monitors, and the Pacifica Film Festival.

LOTE review in Ann Arbor Argus 04-01-71-smaller

LOTE review-East Village Other 3-30-71-smaller

LOTE review-Door 05-26-71-smaller

LOTE review-Great Speckled Bird 02-15-71-smaller

LOTE review-SF Good Times 03-26-71-smaller