Academic essay by UC Berkeley professor of architecture, Greg Castillo, about hippies at work, building a new world

After Greg posted a link to his essay and I read it, I thanked him for the attention he gave to Living on the Earth in this paper.

He replied, “Although the Whole Earth Catalog gets all the scholarly attention, Living on the Earth conveys much more about counterculture feeling. One is all head-tripping, the other goes straight to heart and soul.

I said, “ Thank you, Greg. To me, the illustrations convey that blissful feeling of connection – as tribal family and as one with nature and spirit – that most of us did not experience growing up, but acquired in the first 30 seconds of psychedelic voyaging.

Greg Castillo was the curator of the 2017 exhibition Hippie Modernism: The Struggle for Utopia, which included some slightly used copies of Living on the Earth that people could read while lounging in the Relaxation Cube.

Here is the link to buy (for $3) a pdf download of the entire publication, titled “Work,” which is edition #6 of the UC Berkeley Department of Architecture’s publication, Room 1000.  Greg’s piece about hippie handbuilt structures begins on page 49 (below).