In Which I Illustrate a Tour T-shirt for a Major Japanese Pop Star

Singer/songwriter Yuki, a Sony Japan label artist, released an album this year called The Present, and I was hired to draw and letter a design proscribed by the singer herself, for her 2010 tour t-shirts.

The t-shirts have just been released. Yuki and her staff chose the colors of the drawing and lettering as well as the shirt.  What I found amazing about the this t-shirt is that the design is not printed – it is machine embroidered onto the t-shirt.  Even the handwriting!

Next month Yuki’s staff will release a shawl and matching pouch I illustrated and lettered per their design, also to be offered on Yuki’s tour.  I’ll let you know when they are posted.

The lettering on the shawl is the lyrics to Yuki’s lovely song in which a man and a woman describe what they think and do over the course of 24 hours, which contrast interestingly and become confluent at the end. My illustrations for the shawl feature images from Yuki’s lyrics, including her requested frogs, braids, and roses.

Yuki specifically requested that the drawing for the back of her t-shirt look like the illustration on the back cover of my book Living on the Earth, only with braids, roses and frogs – all elaborated in embroidery.