A walking tour in Fujino

On May 21, 2007, the next day after the Natural High Festival, I was ready for some quiet time, and went for a walk by myself (with a map drawn by Setsuko), from Lotus House around the mountain village of Fujino. First treasure I noted on this walk was a spectacular bed of iris.

Another prize man hole cover!

And a weathered fire hydrant marker.

A pond through a veil of bamboo.

A tea bush, close enough for inspection. I see the family resemblance to camellia in the leaves.

I revisited the Shinto shrine in woods near Setsuko and Jun’s fields.

This time I noticed a small separate altar to the side of the shrine.

I walked through the woods past the shrine and its outbuildings…

…and came upon the cemetery of a Buddhist temple with a wide view of the valley with Fujino town below.

Nearby buckets and ladels hung, available for people visiting the cemetery, so they could pour water upon the headstones.

Outside the temple stood a cherry tree over one hundred years old.

I could make out the outlines of the roof of the temple behind the trees.

I was fascinated by its ornate covered entrance…

…with its stylized lions and the top of the columns.

In front of temple, I stood before this statue, wondering what the role of this man in traditional garb had been. Perhaps a founder?