Concert in a Meadow

Our next venue, at Saga, also in the prefecture of Nagasaki, and also hidden in mountains, turned out to be a barbeque (I mean, hibachi) party at the country cabin of Yoshimori, an architect and builder, and his wife, who owns and runs Raku, a natural fiber fashion boutique in the nearby city of Karatsu. Yoshimori had bought the land very reasonably after all of the trees had been destroyed by a major hurricane. He planted all of the trees that you see in these photos, and he began raising bees for honey and to help pollinate the trees.

The elegant interior of the cabin Yoshimori designed and built on the land.

Our stage and concert hall, in the meadow below the cabin.

We got to work right away doing our sound check.

I sound-checked the karaoke of the original recording of What Living’s All About (minus my voice) which I output into an amplifier from my laptop. I’m singing Floozy Tune.

Yoshimori’s candle lanterns. Now there’s a clever way to recycle plastic bottles!

The audience, mostly friends and neighbors in the area, really enjoyed the show.

Amana, plus ghosts from my camera. I promise, next tour, I’ll bring a tripod.

After the show, we all warmed ourselves around a campfire with more food, drink and good stories.