Why I Love Martha Stewart

Another reason I don’t have to write another Living on the Earth is Martha Stewart. What a resource on making and growing things by hand! She’s the goddess of DIY.

Yes, she is a billionaire media mogul with a reputed nasty temper who served time for insider trading. I personally that think she, of all the billionaires with nasty tempers who have done illegal things, was prosecuted was because over 95% of her political campaign contributions went to candidates from the Democratic Party. I mean, compare her transgressions to those of, say, Dick Cheney. Nobody died. Nobody even got an ingrown toenail.

I have to love a writer who reports that an unwanted scarf with four mismatched earrings or charms sewn to the corners becomes the perfect cover for a punch bowl on a hot buggy day. I made one immediately.

On March 9, 2003, the New York Times wrote about me:

“As the Martha Stewart of the hippie age, Alicia Bay Laurel wrote the book on living in do-it-yourself harmony with Mother Nature.”

It’s not the first time I’ve been compared to Martha Stewart, and no shame there. Whatever else you may say about her, Martha Stewart brought self-reliance, organic gardening, craft-making from recycled stuff, folk art, goat cheese and wabi-sabi to mainstream media.