Panel Discussion on Northern California Communes at the CSA Conference

Arthur Kopecky and Alicia Bay Laurel at the panel discussion at the CSA conference.

Listen to the panel discussion.

Alicia Bay Laurel, Ramon Sender, Delia Moon and Arthur Kopecky, four authors who each lived in more than one commune during the late ‘sixties and early ‘seventies in northern California, discuss the significance of those communities at the 30th annual conference of the Communal Studies Association, an international group of scholars who present papers on communal societies of many eras and locales.

Ramon Sender, Delia Moon, Arthur Kopecky at the panel discussion.

The panel is chaired by Timothy Miller, a much-published author on communal societies, professor at University of Kansas, and founder of the Communal Studies Association. The panel discussion took place on September 30, 2006 at the Marconi Conference Center in Marin county, California, a site which was once a commune run by Synanon.