Physicist confirms what we wrote in Being of the Sun in 1972

“Saintly Throng in the Form of a Rose” by Gustav Dore

Ramon Sender, co-author of Being of the Sun and dedicated enlightenment wonk, just sent me links to a favorite sun worship website and to a website regarding the work of Nassim Haramein, a physicist from Switzerland. The writing below is by Wayne Purdin.

The word “sol” has many meanings, and they’re all interconnected. It can mean our sun. Add a “u” for “you” and it’s your soul or your inner sol or sun. Add an “o” for “one” and you get solo, which means alone or “all one.” “We are one in the sun” isn’t just a fanciful New-Age expression; it is the key to the New Age. Thru unity all problems are dis-sol-ved creating a sol-ution. In astrophysics, sol means singularity. Nassim Haramein is probably the most brilliant physicist since Einstein. He has found that every living thing from a microbe to a sun has a singularity or black hole that not only takes in light but transmits equal amounts of light to its sphere of influence. One aspect of light is information, so singularities take in and transmit information. Our sun has a singularity in its core. As all singularities are “connected” our Sun receives information from the Central Sun of our galaxy, which the Mayans called “Hunab Ku.” The Hunab Ku recieves its information from the Great Central Sun of the universe. Our sun then transmits this information or wisdom to the solar system. We can absorb this information through our eyes, including the third eye, or pineal/pituitary gland complex, when we sungaze. Sungazing pioneer, Gene Savoy, calls this aspect of sunlight the “information or intelligence factor” or “IF.” He writes in Project X: the Search for the Secrets of Immortality, “This energy [from the sun and beyond] has inherent IF potential. It is cosmic information coming into our mind and consciousness directly from the source – the cosmos where it all began… The first cause in the creation of the world was the ‘word,’ or the logos, which emerged from the mouth of God. The philosophers have always taught that this ‘word’ is the true nutrient of the spiritual part of man.”

Page 2, of Being of the Sun: “Vision Quest”