Om for the Holy Days

I’m going on vacation until January 2 and most likely won’t be posting again until then. Thank you for visiting my site, and happy days (they’re ALL holy!)

Here’s the completed altar I made while leading a workshop on making visualization shrines from recycled things at Doshi Camp, in Yamanashi Prefecture, Japan last October:

Shoebox Shrine for Sustainability:

Simple “Green Toe” Shoes box lid, art from the cover of the May 2005 “88” permaculture magazine (published in Japan), ad for Japanese edition of The Little Prince, California bay laurel leaf I found in my suitcase, pine sprigs from the Doshi forest, kimono cloth, plant photos, sea shells, buttons, candy wrapper found on the ground at Doshi, sequins, buttons, tiny broom, hemp cord and abalone given to me by En Ando, yarn from recycled saris and a coral covered seashell that were proof of admission at the Happy Flower Beach Party festival,
and love
from Alicia Bay Laurel

If you would like a greeting card with envelope with a photo of this shrine on it, click here.