Karin's Eco-Rap

Karin Lease (aka wildflower revolution) and her chihuahua friends Coco and Roxanne.

Karin’s been a strong voice for personal responsibility for the environment for a long time. She’s studious about avoiding waste in her life, and not afraid to tell other people they need to do the same. No one wants to be told what to do, but, alas, she’s right. We do all need to stop using disposable things, buying stuff made in sweat shops, using gasoline unnecessarily (and switch to waste veggie oil), and recycle like crazy. I mean, the polar bears are drowning because the Arctic ice is gone.

Karin had a brain aneurysm the same day as the big tsunami in south Asia, on December 26, 2004. Her partner Andy Bunnell organized fundraisers and volunteer round-the-clock care for her. Dozens of people participated to help; Karin was completely amazed at the love demonstrated by her community in her time of need. She emerged having learned the power of community, and now also focuses some of her time as an activist in this realm.

You can order a copy of her environmental manifesto, “Wildflower’s Beautiful World,” by emailing her at wyldflowr@comcast.net.  It’s got instructions, resource lists, relevant quotes, and even a set of rap lyrics by Ms. revolution herself.