Art Space Whitehead

In the forest outside of Moto Machi, Ohshima, Tammy and I visited Art Space Whitehead, the studio/loft home of Fusako and Katsuyoshi Ogata. Fusako attended my show at Oasis the night before and invited us. She greeted us warmly with a freshly home-baked rye bread, and showed us around the studio. I enjoyed looking at Mr. Ogata’s abstract paintings and assemblages of found objects.

Typical of an urban art loft, the studio is one two-story-high room and the living space is at one end, with two floors connected by stairs.

A reed boat in the Ogata’s front yard (maybe the same one that inspired the grass hut built in the forest? Was Mr. Ogata involved in building the hut? I didn’t quite get the story.)

I bid Katsuyoshi and Fusako Ogata a fond farewell.