Some of My Favorite Flowers of Hawaii

Dinner plate sized yellow Hula Girl hibiscus

White hibiscus

Plumeria (aka frangipani), whose spicy fragrance makes it popular for leis.

A bromeliad in full bloom.


Datura, or angel trumpet

Lobster claw heliconia

Parakeet heliconia

Waterlily and lilypads

Red anthurium

Pale pink anthurium

Blue ginger

Chenille plant

Impatiens, practically a weed in the rainforest areas of Hawaii

Psitticorum, a smaller member of the heliconia family. This red and orange variety is often referred to as “parrot,” while the pale yellow and deep pink variety is called “peaches and cream.”

Purple tulip anthuriums, with their eliptical shape instead of a heart shape, stand next to a mysterious spiraling plant. I’d never seen one before I took this picture at Donna Keefer’s house in Pahoa.

Fragrant white ginger blooms beside the roadways of windward Hawaii in the summer, dazzling all with its bewitching frangrance.