Hello Holualoa

Near the Blums’ house is a nearly 45 degree angle half mile road up to the Kona coffee capital of Holualoa. I walked it daily during my weeklong visit; a butt-restructuring walk, with bone-building and aerobic benefits galore. As I walked back down the hill, I feasted my eyes on huge views of the ocean and Kailua-Kona town in the distance, and the tropical plants growing abundantly along the road.

On my last walk for this sojourn, I brought along my camera, so you could see them, too.

Up the hill. Panting, but not stopping. Dense clouds but no rain.

Kona coffee plantations along the way.

Coffee cherries ripening on the trees.

Almost to the top of the hill.

Coming down again. The horizon is blurred from vog, Hawaii island’s own natural smog, from the world’s most active volcano, Kilauea.

Looking down from the mountain. The white spot on the ocean is a huge cruise ship near Kailua-Kona’s harbor. Some of the town is visible, too. The dark spot is a small plane.