Throwing a CD Release Party for WLAA in Hilo

Kahuina Gallery.jpg

I decided to have a CD release party for my third CD, What Living’s All About while I am here on the Big Island. I called artist Tomas Belsky, whose Kahuina Gallery in downtown Hilo is a favorite bohemian haunt, the scene of poetry readings, left wing political gatherings, and small dances and concerts. I got to know Tomas when I was organizing for Kucinich in 2004; he hosted our meetups at the gallery. Tomas was more than gracious in offering the space for my event on Friday, September 1, at 8 PM, right after the poetry reading.

Next I called Peter Serafin, the editor of the Hawaii Island Journal, which is the alternative paper in these parts. I met him through Sachiho Kojima, the leader of the three-woman trance band, Amana, when she and her band came here to the Big Island to do a memorial for Sachiho’s husband, and, afterwards, do a tour I set up for them. Peter has worked many years as a journalist in Japan, and generously provided me with a list of media contacts in Tokyo. He bent the rules at the Journal to get my event into the calendar even though I called a couple of days after the deadline. He also requested a copy of the CD for a review.

The Hawaii Tribune-Herald’s calendar has a more leniant deadline since it’s a daily instead of a bi-monthly paper. I listed the event in their calendar through their online robot. They don’t review CDs.

I have emailed all of my friends on the Big Island for whom I have current email addresses. I’ve posted to my blog. Next I will design and print a flyer and post it on bulletin boards.

I contacted a couple of local radio stations for airplay. KAPA Radio has already featured my second CD, Living in Hawaii Style, in its rotation in 2002 and 2003. I don’t know that they play jazz and blues. The other station, KHBC, certainly does; they are so eclectic that I will bring all three of my CDs when I stop in to meet Brad (who has a great radio voice) on Monday.

All that being done, it’s all about rehearsing, gathering up my sound equipment and making sure it all works well, and making sure there are enough chairs. I love performing, and this will be very casual, with lots of friends and not too much pomp and circumstance.

Follow up: It’s the next day after the show.  Kahuina Gallery is not a large room, but it was ‘way overflowing with friends and fans for my show.  I was ecstatic to be performing for them, and they cheered me roundly and bought CDs.

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