Edamame Salad

What’s cool and refreshing, high protein, low carb, quick and easy to prepare, organic and vegan, something simple but tasty for dinner on a hot summer night? That would have to be edamame salad.

Have you never eaten edamame? Imagine tender and buttery young lima beans, only better. They are green soybeans, usually sold frozen, either in their fuzzy peapods or shelled. Japanese restaurants commonly offer edamame heated in their shells and served in bowl as an elegant snack food. (Of course, in these days of herbicide-soaked genetically modified soybeans, you must buy all of your soy products organically grown.)

I bought a package of frozen organic shelled green soybeans (edamame) this afternoon, and this evening I prowled around the Internet, looking for recipes that spoke to me.

I found several, and here are the links:

Edamame Salad with Baby Beets and Greens
Marinated Edamame Salad (features greenbeans, bell peppers, cranberries!)
Edamame Salad (with corn kernels, red bell pepper, red onions and parsley)
Edamame and Sesame Salad
Edamame and Orange Salad