Zone Waffles and Pancakes

High protein, moderate fat, low carb breakfasts don’t appear on most menus. This formula definitely feeds my inner cat without feeding Santa Claus.

For two waffles or a half dozen pancakes, mix 1 cup soy protein powder, 2 tablespoons egg white powder (Deb El Just Whites is the brand name), 2 tablespoons oat flour, 2 tablespoons lecithin granules, one half teaspoon non-aluminum baking powder, and enough pure water to make a thick but pourable batter.

Preheat well a griddle or waffle iron and spray it with sesame oil or a natural food non-stick spray. The egg whites and baking powder will make the pancakes or waffles puff up.

With pancakes, you wait until the little bubbles pop before you turn them over. With both, you’re looking for a slightly browned surface on both sides and a dry interior before you remove them from the heat.

For a topping, I like unsweetened soy or goat milk yogurt, or tofu faux fruit yogurt, and fresh sliced fruit or a baked banana sauce, either the one with cinnamon or the one with strawberry. Here’s Bryanna Clark Grogan’s soy yogurt recipe, or look for Wildwood Plain Soyogurt, which is the only one in the health food store that is not sweetened.  To sweeten the yogurt carb-free, stir in a few drops of stevia glycerite.

For a special occasion breakfast, I like to make a zone waffle for me (and anyone else on hand who eats low carb) and a cinnamon mochi waffle for anyone who prefers a brown rice waffle, and top the waffles with banana-pineapple-strawberry sorbet.

If you really like this recipe and want to have it premixed for easy preparation, multiply the quantities. For example, mix until homogenized, four pounds soy protein powder, one half pound each oat flour and lecithin granules, two 3 ounce cans of egg white powder, and three tablespoons of non-aluminum baking powder. Mix the powdered instant mix in a large pot or bowl with a large spoon and store in a gallon glass jar in a cool, dry place.