High Protein Waffles and Pancakes

High protein, moderate fat, low carb breakfasts didn’t use to appear on most menus, but now these kinds of recipes are becoming more common.  I first encountered them in 1970 in Adelle Davis’ book, Let’s Eat Right to Keep Fit and in the 1990s in Barry Sears’ Zone books.  In the 21st century, such recipes are termed Paleo or Ketogenic, and they are abundant on the Internet.    

Personally, I don’t commit to specialized diets; I notice which cuisines appeal to me depending on the weather and the current status of my health.   For example, for me, a raw food diet is perfect for speeding recovery from an upper respiratory illness, but it does not generate enough body heat for me to be active outdoors in cold weather.   High protein/low carbohydrate meals energize me and make me more alert, but they are not much help when I want to detox.

Here is the recipe:

For two waffles or a half dozen pancakes, mix 1 cup unflavored, unsweetened, organically produced protein powder, 2 tablespoons egg white powder, 2 tablespoons oat flour, 2 tablespoons lecithin granules, one half teaspoon non-aluminum baking powder, and enough pure water to make a thick but pourable batter.

Preheat well a griddle or waffle iron and spray it with sesame or coconut oil. The egg whites and baking powder will make the pancakes or waffles puff up.

With pancakes, you wait until the little bubbles pop before you turn them over. With both, you’re looking for a slightly browned surface on both sides and a dry interior before you remove them from the heat.

For a topping, I like fresh sliced fruit best, sometimes with a dollop of unsweetened vegan milk yogurt (I have a dairy allergy), or tofu faux fruit yogurt, or baked banana sauce (recipes below). If dairy yogurt works for you, by all means, enjoy!  To sweeten the yogurt carb-free, stir in a few drops of stevia glycerite.  Or, you could go savory instead of sweet, and sautee an egg and/or green vegetables to accompany your high protein pancakes.

Tofu Faux Fruit Yogurt:  Combine silken tofu and sugar-free fruit preserves in a blender or food processor.

Baked Banana Sauce:  Peel and freeze bananas.  Melt one frozen banana in a small, heavy frying pan over a low flame, mashing it as it melts.  When it’s soft and warm, season it with either a sprinkle of cinnamon powder or a teaspoon of sugar-free fruit preserves.

If you really like this pancake and waffle mix and want to have it premixed for fast preparation, multiply the quantities. For example, mix until homogenized, four pounds protein powder, one half pound each oat flour and lecithin granules, two 3 ounce cans of egg white powder, and three tablespoons of non-aluminum baking powder. Mix the powders in a big pot or bowl with a large spoon and store in a gallon glass jar in a cool, dry place.