Why I'm into Left Politics

Left politics is about using the nation’s pooled wealth and technology to do what is beneficial for the largest part of the population, including the poor, the disabled, the working people, and the middle class.

The left wants to see free, excellent education (through college) available to everyone (as it is in many other countries), to see publically funded health care available to all (as it is in most industrialized nations), to build and maintain public infrastructure that supports a healthy and safe population, including excellent libraries, hospitals, roads, schools, highways, bridges, sewage facilities, deep draft harbors, ports, and so forth. The left knows that the public funds for these projects could be more than amply covered by reducing corporate welfare, military spending, tax cuts for the wealthiest people, government corruption, and other blatant misuses of taxpayer dollars.

The left wants news media with a variety of viewpoints and a requirement of truth and completeness in reporting. The left wants separation of church and state and of corporations and state. The left wants transparency and accountability at all levels of government. The left wants to protect the planet from devastation by industry and war, and to protect the people from environmental pollution and unsafe foods. The left wants elections with hand countable audits and publicly funded candidates (who, once elected, don’t owe favors to wealthy donors).

The left wants to reign in corporations that perpetrate harm upon the public domestically and abroad. The left wants to create trade agreements that are win-win with other nations. The left wants to promote peace between nations, and prosperity where there is poverty. The left believes in diplomacy and mediation, and in sustainable, aesthetically appealing solutions to the needs of people and planet. The left believes that a well-nourished population will seldom resort to crime. Similarly, the left believes that well-maintained international relations seldom, if ever, require the use of military. True leftists are non-violent. Violent people are not leftists.

The left encourages preventative health care and a variety of treatment modalities. The left is not interested in controlling people. The left is interested in fostering the wellbeing of all people and appreciating their wide range of expression, so long as it harms no one. The left supports the arts, creativity, celebration, diversity, the human race as one family.