Find Intentional Communities?

Caper charts, hand-painted prayer flags, and notice of a sweat lodge (inipi) on the chalk board behind the kitchen at Lost Valley Educational Center

Subject: Re: Intentional communities

True enuf and I am trying my bejesus best to move into one of em..
Any one have a lead, suggestions, or otherwise help?
I have rent monthly income covered; I am not destitute
just clueless…
serious here.
love and thanks,

Dear Priscilla and everybody,

Have you looked at the Fellowship for Intentional Communities website? They have a huge database of intentional communities all over the USA and in other parts of the world. They publish a guidebook every few years and they have a magazine that has “members wanted” ads in the back. Rural and urban communities, religious, art-centered, permaculture, all kinds. Check it out.