“Genius is focus,” a precept I first heard from the Abraham Tapes, helps me understand the accomplishments of people I admire. They practice daily. The effect of any one day’s practice may be practically negligible, but the effect of a year’s daily practice will be profound.

Daily practice creates a space in which new ideas can birth.

Sometimes, when I don’t practice a skill for a while, I forget that I have it. I take great comfort in remembering that I actually do, once I get back to practicing again.

Each day I aim to sing a forty-five minute set of vocal warmups. I copied the vocal warmup CD into my computer so I can scan my email while practicing, and I have another copy in my car, so I can sing them while driving, probably a droll vision when I am stopped at a traffic light.

On a good day, I also play an hour of guitar, walk an hour, make visual art and/or write, and work at my business as artist/entrepreneur.

I absolutely love those moments when I notice the effects of repetition piling up. Today was one of those days. After nine months of working steadily at producing my jazz and blues CD, What Living’s All About, I am ready to send it off to press!