Living in the Art

How much fun are you having with your house?

Stephanie Farago’s legendary artist house in West Hollywood has vanished (she sold it and moved to the tropics), but I was lucky enough to visit while she was still living in the midst of her ongoing creation. She painted the elaborate wall decor herself, collected the abstruse and mysterious furnishings during her travels, upholstered some of the furniture, and arranged everything like a set designer. Stephanie paints wonderful oil paintings, created two coffee table books, one on collecting pre-World War II boudoir dolls, and an upcoming book on the life and work of artist Steven Arnold, and once made a video of Carnivale in Venice.

Here is a mini-tour of Stephanie’s creation:

Stephanie Farago in the Bali-Tibet room:

The Rudolph Valentino room:

The Carmen Miranda breakfast nook:

The Chinese salon:

A side room of the Chinese salon:

Stephanie’s livable art was her creative mind projected in 3-D. I wonder what her new place is like?