Why I Walk

No fees, uniforms or equipment required.
Any time of day, and almost any location is suitable.
It can be done alone or in any size group.
One can walk to portable music or the local soundscape.
It lends itself to observing nature, people, and architecture.
It can be part of making a living or protesting injustice.
One can walk and focus on breathing at the same time.
Walking is a great time to stretch and align one’s body.
The rhythmic crosscrawl movement soothes the nerves.
Saves on gasoline.
Walking alone inspires creativity.
Fine time for a cell phone call, too.
I’ve even attended 12 step meetings by cell phone while walking.
To think outside the box, I get out of the house.
Doesn’t jar my joints or my breasts like jogging does.
Happy muscles, happy lungs, happy heart.

Me, walking on the beach in 2016.