Joe Dolce

Please meet my long-time friend, singer/songwriter/poet/chef Joe Dolce! Everything you could possibly want to know about Joe’s illustrious career you can research here. He’s politically aware, witty beyond comprehension, emotionally evolved, and brings it all to his music.

I met Joe briefly at the Star Mountain Commune in Sonoma County, California, in the early 1970’s. He’d arrived as I was just leaving—for Vermont, and then Hawaii. But I’d heard our mutual friend, singer Sunny Supplee, sing his beautiful, spiritual, and sometimes sexual songs. I met him again when we were both living on Maui. Later I heard he’d moved to Australia and had a big hit with a song that was NOTHING like his songs that my friends had been singing.

In the summer of 2004, after decades out of touch, he visited me in Hawaii (see photo above). He’s now a pillar of the Australian music scene, a loud voice for the left, a doting grandparent, and formerly the author of a funny, funny email newsletter complete with fabulous recipes, political commentary, great poetry, cultural anomalies, reader comments, and torrents of jokes.  More recently, he moved all of that into a Facebook account, allowing him to include videos of his performances.

I am equally a fan of his many-decade partner, the fabulous author, visual artist, fashion designer, and performance artist, Lin Van Hek.  In 2009 we all toured together, playing music in Japan.



Joe Dolce and his partner, Lin Van Hek