Three Rules

I painted this last spring 2005. 

Working at my art, I do different things every day, but taking care of my body, I do much the same things each day. My rules of health are: Walk the dog, feed the rabbit and feed the cat.

What I mean by that is: I take a walk (walk my inner dog?), or swim, or dance, or garden, or do yoga, whatever kind of fun I can muster that will get my body pumping endorphins.

To satisfy my inner rabbit, I eat rather piggy portions of dark green leafy vegetables, and other non-starchy vegetables, at least two big servings each day.

Three times a day I feed the cat. Cats like protein, but not a lot at one time. In the Zone books, a portion the size of your palm is suggested.

That’s enough to keep me free of 95% of the health problems that could keep me from doing what I love.