brave new world

When I was born in 1949, the enormous clunky black and white television set had just replaced the radio as the hearth and storyteller of our society. My generation is the first to have sets of identical memories—Howdy Doody, Mighty Mouse, Kookla, Fran and Ollie. Maybe that’s why we, all at once, upon puberty, rolled out of Pleasantville and began living in color. My book Living on the Earth was a case in point.

I bought my first personal computer in 1984, and it, too, was an enormous clunky box with a monochrome screen. Yet, to move blocks of text without retyping or witeout is, for a writer, heaven. I used it to start a wedding business on Maui in 1988, and the business thrived because of my first web site and email account.

I sold the wedding business in 1999 and toured North America throughout 2000 as a storyteller, singer, songwriter and seller of my books, music and art, writing my first blog on a site designed specifically for the tour. Six years later, it’s time to make a new site, with a more constant and inclusive blog, to integrate the colorful, peaceful, sustainable, creative, and politically aware world inwhich I float. The old site still flies, and I am slowly moving its prodigious content here.

I’m also learning from Richard Schave and Kim Cooper how to connect on the ‘net to other bloggers who are living the colorful life, that I might enhance the global network for peace, justice, sustainbility, creativity and diversity. I plan to develop this website as an aggregator (collector of relevant blog posts) that will invite more participation as time goes on. I also will cast my own posts and podcasts upon the wide waters of wonder and see what comes back. Maybe a message from you!