The General stole my SOTU post.

It’s not the first time that Jesus General, in his infinite heterosexuality, has slowly slipped his manly blogpost deep into my cranium and satisfied himself on my sweet cerebral nectar.

Yes, I was gonna post about Lieberman, too. And how I bet he actually wrote the speech while Pammy of the shrugging-map-book-blog took dictation as could only be taught at the JDL School of Secretarial Studies, you know, the one where the words “Palestinian,” “Arab,” “West Bank Activist” and “Jimmy Carter” are all spelled T-E-R-R-O-R-I-S-T.

I will never link to her, but I did have to check out and see if she didn’t say it was the best speech ever. She didn’t, but she does provide us with ten, yes ten, helpful links to various policy papers so we can be behind our President ten hundred percent. She must be slipping, ’cause she hasn’t blogged about the magnificence of John Bolton in over a week.

Bush’s line about Hezbollah killing more Americans than any other terrorist organization except Al Quaeda. Um, Mr. President? Frito Lay has killed more Americans than Hezbollah in the past 12 months. Look it up. You’re talking about a single barracks bombing from 1983 that sadly took 241 servicemen’s lives. The only reason to bring up Hezbollah and allude to an attack that took place 24 YEARS AGO in last night’s speech was to suck up to the two totally insane hyper-Zionists people on the planet who are still listening to you: Joe and Pammy.

I mean, our President actually used the V word (see panties above) as if he knows how to measure that anymore. He didn’t really call for bi-partisan thinking on that, as if we’ve all forgotten the bi-partisan ISG report from, when was it, last month? Seems like 1983.

And re the rest of the speech, before you give me a tax break to buy health insurance, I’d like you to personally find me an insurance company that will sell me health insurance. I’ve tried buying your last great idea, those high-deductible health savings accounts plans, and I keep getting turned down by actuaries who think that my family and I are not perfectly healthy enough to deserve to have that health insured with a $5700.00 deductible. But hey, you just keep making the Sugar Daddy Insurance Lobby happy.

And I really trust you to wean us all from oil. Right after Cheney and his team at Halliburton and Condi and her team at Chevron and, well, you get my drift.

Posting will be light again until next Tuesday. I’m off to a knitting retreat. No laptop, but I’ve written a couple generic posts to slip in at the hotel business center when time allows. I’m taking Jimmy Carter’s book with me, and will have a review for first of February. Just to piss off Pammy.

Have a great weekend.

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